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Raw  meaty bones are an intregal part...
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“Grow Your Pups With Bones” by Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.
The BARF program for breeding healthy dogs and eliminating skeletal disease

“The Barf Diet” by Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.
Raw feeding for dogs and cats using evolutionary principles

“Give Your Dog A Bone” by Dr. Ian Billinghurst B.V.Sc.(Hons), B.Sc.Agr., Dip.Ed.
The practical commonsense way to feed dogs for a long healthy life


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“Your Cat” by Elizabeth M. Hodgkins D.V.M. Esq.
Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life


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“The Nature of Animal Healing” by Martin Goldstein D.V.M.
The definitive holistic medicine guide to caring for your dog and cat.


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"Raw Meaty Bones : Promote Health"
by Dr. Tom Lonsdale DVM

"Work Wonders : Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones"
by Dr. Tom Lonsdale DVM

Dr. Shawn Messonnier DVM

Raw Instincts Magazine


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“Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs by Don Hamilton D.V.M.
Small doses for small animals.


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To de-skunk a dog......... Mix 4 cups of 3% peroxide (no this won't bleach their coat, even if the dog is black), 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 teaspoon Dawn dish soap (Dawn is extremely gentle on the skin) in a GLASS bowl (use no metal utensils or bowls). Apply to wet dog immediately, scrub and leave on dog for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Use a face cloth to apply/scrub face, as you don't want this in your dog's eyes. Note: For a 75 lb. dog I had to mix up two batches to cover all of her. My German Shepherd Molly got sprayed twice in six weeks, so I can assure you that this works very well to get rid of the smell.

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"Food Intolerance? Learn about Dr. Dodds' Study

Dr. Jean Dodds of is looking for dogs with suspected [vet diagnosed] or confirmed food intolerance which can be expressed as skin diseases, yeast infections, or a ongoing GI tract disorder.

It's free but only during the initial clinical proof-of-concept testing phase. If you're interested, you will need to sign an informed Consent Form and Fill out a simple Test Request Form questionnaire; the special SaliKit Test required to collect the saliva is needed as well, but we provide those.

She is still working on the Informed Consent Form and Questionnaire but hope to have it finalized in early November.

Participants will get a complete report of the test results - performed with 6 purified food antigens from wheat, corn, soy, beef, eggs, and milk run against three antibodies [IgG, IgA, IgM] plus interpretive comments from Dr.Dodds. Contact her by email at

She will review your dog' case to determine eligibility, give them the requisite forms to complete, and then send them the Test Kit. Please be considerate of her time. She's very busy helping pets.

Important: Once she has 50 or so cases in her database, you'll have to pay the "initial offer" charge of $39 - but this does not include the cost of the special salivary test kit needed.

 "Permission to reprint granted by Jan Rasmusen, author of Scared Poopless

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"Raw Meaty Bones are an integral part of a healthy raw food diet" more by clicking the link below.












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